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Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF)

CHF is the peak organisation providing leadership in representing the interests of Australian healthcare consumers. We work to achieve safe, good quality, timely healthcare for all Australians, supported by the best health information and systems the country can afford.

Latest news

Taking codeine off the shelves only hides abuse problem

2 October 2015 - 

Moving to make codeine products prescription only medications is a very blunt instrument to address what is a complex issue, and we need a more holistic approach. “Clearly we have a problem of misuse and overuse of codeine, and we need to take action to address this. However, moving codeine products to prescription-only medicines is not the most effective way to do it,” Ms Root said. “We believe the majority of users, particularly those using it for ongoing or chronic pain, are using responsibly, and they would be unnecessarily penalised by this move."

Strengthening Medicare

27 September 2015 - 

We know there are tens if not hundreds of items on the Schedule that need revising. We can stop wasting money on items that are not effective and that money can be reinvested into new items. This should ensure Australians in the future have access to the best treatment options that are available.

Government must take action now on cancer drug availability

18 September 2015 - 

The long-awaited report from the Senate Inquiry into the availability of new, innovative and specialist cancer drugs in Australia comes with a mixed bag of recommendations for Australians who need urgent action. “We hope that this report and other relevant reviews will provide the impetus for sensible steps towards reform. Too many Australians have waited too long, and many can’t wait any longer," said Leanne Wells, CHF CEO.

Who Owns Consumers' Health Data

1 September 2015 - 

Presentation of Leanne Wells, CEO, Consumers Health Forum of Australia, at the Health Care & Social Media Summit 2015 Plenary Session, "Who owns your Big Data?"

Preventive health should not be a life or debt issue

27 August 2015 - 

The Consumers Health Forum welcomes the National Reform Summit’s recognition of the potential of preventative health care to contribute to economic and social growth. “We would argue that Australia needs to invest in preventive health measures right now if we want to curb modern diseases and make the most of our human resources,” the Chief Executive Officer of the Consumers Health Forum, Leanne Wells, said.

Waste not, want not

30 September 2015 - 

Monday night’s Four Corners expose on medical waste should have raised alarm bells for consumers and health professionals alike. CHF calls on Minister Ley and the Government to take urgent action to put the brakes on waste in health care. There is no more a vested interest in the success of the health system than the Australian consumer, whose taxes and out-of-pocket costs are sustaining unnecessary treatments that achieve no better health outcomes for themselves.

Health Reform Agenda to Maintain Momentum

21 September 2015 - 

CHF congratulates the new health team in Prime Minister Turnbull’s government and looks forward to working with them as they move forward on reforming our health system.

Time for talking is over - itís now time for action on primary health

7 September 2015 - 

The current consultations on the future of primary health care must lead to a long term plan with increased investment if there is to be any significant improvement.

Time for end to secret hospital-health fund business

30 August 2015 - 

The Consumers Health Forum welcomes the agreement between Medibank Private and Calvary Hospitals group as it will end weeks of worry for the thousands of patients who faced the prospect of having to pay hundreds of dollars extra if they had private care at Calvary hospitals.

Hospital - health fund dispute highlights need to put patients first

25 August 2015 - 

The Consumers Health Forum agrees with Health Minister Sussan Ley that patients should not be used as ransom in a Game of Thrones as is the risk now arising from the dispute between Calvary Hospitals and Medibank Private over non-payment for patient care resulting from avoidable adverse events.