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Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF)

CHF is the peak organisation providing leadership in representing the interests of Australian healthcare consumers. We work to achieve safe, good quality, timely healthcare for all Australians, supported by the best health information and systems the country can afford.

Latest news

Ending the poor relation status of mental health

26 November 2015 - 

Reforms to mental health services announced today provide welcome recognition of the need to meet the individual needs of patients with care that is comprehensive and provided locally.

Consumers Health Forum welcomes pharmacy review

25 November 2015 - 

The Consumers Health Forum welcomes the announcement by Health Minister, Sussan Ley, of the review of pharmacy remuneration and regulation. The review is vital given the rising cost and the potential expanding role of pharmacies.

Bringing Medicare into the 21st Century

13 November 2015 - 

Paying doctors on a session-by-session basis when so much of health care is now for long term chronic conditions, short changes the patient and leaves little scope or incentive for the doctor to initiate and maintain, let alone innovate, the co-ordinated, wrap-around care required.

Health insurance probe must explore all options

8 November 2015 - 

A national survey into private health insurance opened today by Health Minister Ley is a very welcome sign that the Federal Government is starting to take seriously the dissatisfaction so many Australians feel about their insurance.

CHF Annual General Meeting - 2015

5 November 2015 - 

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia will be held on Monday, 7 December 2015, commencing at 09:00 (AEDT) at the Hotel Kurrajong, National Circuit, Barton ACT.

Atlas on health care variations a chart to the future for consumers

26 November 2015 - 

The Atlas on Healthcare Variation launched today shows stark differences in treatment practices and represents a watershed for health care in Australia, bringing to light important evidence hitherto hidden from consumers.

Tobacco tax hike would save lives

24 November 2015 - 

Australia has shown how effective a vigorous campaign on tobacco can be. We now need to see a similar comprehensive approach to counter obesity. As the experts in the latest edition of the CHF journal Health Voices said, an effective approach demands a national effort to change the environment of poor choices that influence our diet and physical activity.

Preventive health record discredits nanny state critics

9 November 2015 - 

Government-supported, national preventive health campaigns are what Australia needs to fight the modern day plagues of obesity and chronic disease. That’s the overwhelming expert view expressed in the latest edition of the Consumers Health Forum journal Health Voices, published today.

Health insurance what is its value?

7 November 2015 - 

It is time to publically debate the role played by private health insurance in our health system. We need to scrutinise why consumers are facing increasing expenses and shrinking coverage despite various regulatory incentives and penalties in place that steer them into a private health insurance policy.

Health insurance needs deeper scrutiny

28 October 2015 - 

The underlying challenges facing health insurance are not just related to the soaring premiums, shrinking cover and regulatory problems but to the impact of private health cover and its cost on the health budget, and supply and demand of other services like public hospital care.