30 May 2018 Submission
Consumers Health Forum

At the heart of CHF’s policy agenda is patient-centred care. Our responses to the public consultation have been formed with a patient-centred approach in mind. CHF is a strong advocate of the development of guidelines for all sectors of the health system. While guidelines are only...

23 May 2018 Report
Consumers Health Forum and NPS MedicineWise

Consumer health data – clinical and socio-demographic – is increasingly collected, linked and used, both with and without consumers’ knowledge and informed consent. There is increasing focus on ‘big data’, evidence-informed policy, and the value of data-driven service development and improvement...

21 May 2018 Report

This consensus statement has been developed by Palliative Care Australia, Consumers Health Forum
of Australia and Carers Australia. Palliative care and end-of-life care should be strongly responsive
to the needs, preferences and values of people, their families and carers. People...

18 May 2018 Submission

CHF believe all Australians, no matter their location, should have access to safe, good quality and timely health care. Rates of mental health conditions and suicide are much higher in rural and remote areas. Yet, unfortunately we find the mental health workforce unevenly distributed across...

9 May 2018 Presentations and Speeches
Consumers Health Forum

We welcome the greater consumer focus in the 2018 Budget, however longer-term primary health care reforms must remain on the radar as part of keeping Medicare up to date.  

11 April 2018 Consumers Shaping Health
Consumers Health Forum

Out of Pocket Pain Survey Sharpens Focus on Costs

5 April 2018 Report
Consumers Health Forum

When we decided to look at out of pocket costs we wanted to get a better understanding of how much people pay, who pays and what impact these costs have on their healthcare and their lives. We asked people to give us their story as well as giving us some basic information through the survey. The...

5 April 2018 Report

Private patients routinely face bills ru nning into thousands of dollars, in a system characterised by high cost, complexity and confusion, the Consumer Health Forum's Out of Pocket Pain survey has found. An added challenge is the variation inlevels of health literacy across the Australian...

4 April 2018 Presentations and Speeches
Consumer Health Forum

If we consider what defines patient-centred care: “health care that is respectful of, and responsive to, the preferences, needs and values of patients and consumers”, then without patient input, we are left to assume that we understand what they need and value in health care. Read the rest of...